lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Review de "Spanish Is Beautiful" en la revista DJ Mag de UK!

DJs Pareja
Spanish Is Beautiful (History Clock)

The History Clock is most certainly alive and ticking with this incredible release from porteños duo, DJs Pareja. You may be familiar with some early tracks that they've done for Matias Aguayo's peerless Comeme label, and this is a perfect follow-up. Balearic music fans will fall in love with the very appropriately-titled lead track in both original and Alejandro Paz remix formats, followed by the brilliant EBM-shocker, 'Psycho Rhythm'. Concluding, is the absolutely perfect tropical-ghetto rhythm of 'Pampa Moom' that will no doubt crossover from the bumbumbox parties of Buenos Aires to the Boiler Room nights in London.

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