lunes, 29 de junio de 2009


Matias Aguayo / Djs Pareja / Cómeme 003

01. Matias Aguayo - I Was In Love
02. Matias Aguayo - Street Sound
03. Djs Pareja - Kenia
04. Djs Pareja - Tribal Scream

Djs Pareja is Mariano Caloso and Diego Irasusta a DJ duo who have been famous in their native Buenos Aires from the 90ies onwards. So far they have only released records in Buenos Aires, which combine their love of pop and house, with Mariano's suave voice and Diego's dramatic electro pop arrangements. You can still hear these influences on this debut release for Cómeme, but these two tracks are dance floor orientated and rhythmic. The pumping 'Kenia', slowly builds soft rhythms and a one note melody into an intensity brought into sharp relief by a dark melody over a pumping bass line. 'Tribal Scream' builds from a jungle atmosphere with bird calls, into a bass line punctured by a screaming melody, and trance stabs.


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